Photo shoot with Karma, Tsquared, and Walshy
Obama photo at construction site
hotel with a central shaft
new logo
two story pro lounge
boost mobile tour
saiyan team detach/boo
FB signed by Gilbert Arenas
Picked up Strongside
Staying late after the event with Dan Choesich and Jason
Lenox was the intern's intern
beating saiyan & neighbor with GI Factor
5k showing up - never doubt the online warriors
logos for teams during the offseason
MLG game that never came to be - with advertising on the chest
pro player stipends
sponsors - Stride?
got frag purchase - scoots
meadowlands 2007 - same venue, worst catering, little halo village of tons of hotels
whole new set of teams
dallas 2007 -
running around hot tubs
hilton anitole
chicago 2007 - pheasunt run, outside of the city, recently shut down, mainstay for FGC, got booze after a long walk
orlando 2007 - astro headset prototype
all kinds of weird results
vegas 2007 - mimi getting us upgrades to the Venetion
new tv show
locker room
boost mobile - str8 sick winning side station
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