Halo Championship Series
Millennial Esports / ESL / 343 Industries
Scope: Assist with the tournament design, event logistics, broadcast operation, and player management for the Halo Championship Series.

Roles: Executive Producer, Lead Tournament Administrator

Number of Events: ME Las Vegas 2017 & Dreamhack Atlanta 2017
During the course of 2017 I assisted ESL & Millennial Esports with the execution of several HCS events.

My primary responsibility was designing and operating a tournament that fit the desired broadcast parameters. From registration to trophy ceremony, the teams I led successfully executed every aspect of the events and found multiple ways to exceed expectations.

MLG Anaheim 2014
This 3 day event featured the top Starcraft Pros competing for $40,000 in prizing.
Caster desk at MLG Anaheim 2014.
Stat card used during the broadcast.
Prize breakdown graphic from the event.
Player match up graphic. The overlay's alpha channels allowed for live camera shots of the players.
Pool Play standings graphic.
Player Profile that was created for the WCS America broadcast.
Daily recap videos of tournament matches.
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